The Save Our System Coalition (SOS) shares the concerns of many riders, community based organizations, grassroots, congregations, small businesses, workers, unions and others that WMATA is not adequately providing a safe and reliable transit systems and the demand to do so is growing rapidly. By slashing services, eliminating routes, and raising fares, WMATA is leaving public transit-dependent populations stranded without access to employment, food, schools, healthcare and community services. WMATA riders and the regional economy are suffering. The lack of good public transportation to access these basic necessities is one of the major economic, environmental and social justice issues facing the DMV region. It shouldn’t be this way. We are calling for all local community based organizations and leaders to come together with us to shift the narrative and fix our transit system. We commit to working with you to best engage your organization and your membership, helping to amplify your voice. We offer educational opportunities, community building activities, and a framework to plug you and your membership into the rider organizing group!


There are many ways Organizations and Community Leaders Can Help Save Our Transit System:
  1. Join our coalition
    The first step is to read and sign our Organization Sign On Letter to the WMATA Board.

  2. Help us build our riders group
    Get petitions signed at membership and community meetings - Contact us at
    Email our petition to your list - Here is an email script that you may use.

  3. Mobilize your members to testify at a WMATA Hearing
    Join S.O.S. at upcoming WMATA board meetings to tell WMATA: Make the system fair!

  4. Share your story with us
    Email us your story or a story from others about how good Metro service helped (or service cuts/fare hikes hurt) your local membership or you personally. Send it to:

  5. Attend a coalition meeting or town hall
    RSVP for details by emailing

  6. Mobilize membership for rallies and events
    Check out the events page on or stay updated by signing up at

  7. Coordinate with us
    Be involved in action planning or host a public forum or neighborhood meeting about Save Our System.Email to find out more.

  8. Lobby on the issues (get others to lobby on issues as well)
    Email to find out more.

  9. Assist in communication strategy
    Join our Communications working group! Email to find out more.

  10. Help us build our coalition
    Are there groups who you think should be involved that we’re missing? If so, please invite them to sign our organization letter.

  11. Invite an S.O.S. organizer to present at your membership meetings/panels/forums/etc
    We can send a trained S.O.S. organizer to your meeting to help your membership learn more. Request an organizer by emailing us at: