Nine Ways Employers and Business Leaders Can Help Save Our Transit System

  1. Sign our letter

    The first step is to read and sign our Business Leader Letter to the WMATA Board.

  2. Share your story with us

    Email us your story about how good Metro service helped (or service cuts hurt) your business or you personally. Send it to:

  3. Join our business roundtable

    S.O.S. will be convening a first meeting of business leaders and employers who have signed on soon. If you’re interested in receiving details, let us know at:

  4. Volunteer to testify

    We want to put the voices of business leaders out front so elected officials and WMATA Board members know just how impacted you are by their decisions. If you’re willing to testify, email:

  5. Endorse an employee’s testimony

    Do you have employees who have stories about how WMATA affects their lives or work? We want to hear from them, too. Connect them with us at:

  6. Join us for lobby days and WMATA Board actions

    We need community leaders like you with us when we visit elected officials or the WMATA Board. You can sign up to join us at  

  7. Ask your suppliers and vendors to sign on

    If your business is impacted by Metro, then any business that relies on you is, too! Give your suppliers or vendors a copy of this flyer or have them sign on to our letter at:

  8. Post our signs, placards, receipt book flyers and tri-folds for your location(s)

    We have a variety of promotional materials for you to put up in your store window, on your tables, or anywhere you might have foot traffic to let your customers know that you support a better Metro. To get some for your locations, email us:

  9. Invite an S.O.S. organizer to present at your association, district, or alliance meeting

    If you belong to a civic association, BID, or corridor alliance, we can send a trained S.O.S. organizer to your meeting to help your fellow entrepreneurs learn more. Request an organizer by emailing us at: