Frequently Asked Questions

What is Save Our System?

Save Our System is a coalition of public transit riders, community organizations, faith groups, labor organizations, and small businesses working to improve WMATA services. Save Our System coalition was convened by Americans for Transit. 

I'm a transit rider, how can I get involved?

WMATA riders can get involved by signing up here.

I'm a community organization, how can I get involved?

Community organizations, environmental groups, and faith groups can join Save Our System here.

I'm a business , how can I get involved?

Businesses can join Save Our System here

What is Americans for Transit?

Americans for Transit (A4T)  is national 501c3 non-profit that works to create, unite, and strengthen grassroots rider-led movements for public transit. Americans for Transit was incorporated in 2012. Americans for Transit was created by Greg LeRoy , Executive Director of Good Jobs First and Larry Hanley , International President of Amalgamated Transit Union. To read about A4T's current staff and full board visit here.

How is Americans for Transit funded?

Americans for Transit's latest IRS Form 990 discloses all financial information. As a growing non-profit , Americans for Transit is actively seeking to diversify funding to include foundation support and individual donors. Want to donate to the mission of Americans for Transit? You can do so here

If A4T is funded by unions how can it have an independent voice from workers?

Americans for Transit functions as a convener and a catalyst for action. We bring people together to advoacte for improving public transit in their communities. Grassroots organizations all across the country (like many transit-rider organizations) receive funding from unions. It's in unions' best interest to support groups like ours that are building an independent rider voice to advocate for riders' needs and concerns so they can focus on advocating for their members.