Businesses and Employers can help save our transit system!

Over the last several months, some groups have laid out proposals for funding or fixing Metro. None of those proposals included the concerns of business leaders like you. By slashing services, eliminating routes, and raising fares, WMATA is using a playbook that is bad for business. Fortunately, budget season is around the corner, and now is a better time than ever to get involved.

What is Save Our System? and why should I get involved?

Businesses and Employers Can Help Save Our Transit System!

In October 2017, we launched the Save Our System Business Round-table, made up of dozens of area small business leaders who believe that the Metro can do better and that regional leaders must provide the dedicated funding to make it happen. As we grow, we’ll host special events, forums, testimonials, happy hours, and more that amplify the voices of small business leaders, their employees, and their customers impacted by Metro’s ongoing funding crisis.

Our first act was to deliver an open letter to the WMATA Board calling for service and fare improvements in the FY2019 budget, including free transfers between bus and rail, the extension of evening and weekend service hours, and a reversal of service cuts and fare hikes implemented in June 2017.  The letter also appeals to elected officials to stop squabbling and commit to a level of dedicated funding that would support these proposals.

You can read our letter in full and add your business to the list of signatories here.

If you’ve already signed on, there are plenty of other ways your small business can help Save Our System.

Also, be sure to spend your money at businesses that signed our letter for a safe, reliable, affordable, and fair transit system. As of October 2017, they are:



Please read and sign our Business Leader Letter to the WMATA Board!

Dear CEO Wiedefeld and Members of the WMATA Board of Directors:

We, the undersigned D.C., Maryland, and Virginia business leaders, are joining the Save Our System Campaign and urge you to adopt a FY 2019 budget that allows for free transfers between bus and rail and extended evening and weekend service hours while reversing last year’s devastating service cuts and fare hikes.

We also urge the jurisdictional officials by whom you are appointed to act boldly, each taking responsibility to create their own dedicated funding so that you have the support needed to operate a well-maintained... Read the entire letter here.